Moving to Weybridge? Tips for a Successful Transition

Weybridge, Surrey is popular for its luxury estates. Most of the families that live there are young. The area is home to several popular celebrities. The town is beautiful and offers plenty of things to do. It is home to some of the best schools, restaurants, and shopping spots. It is easy to get to the Weybridge train station if you need to commute via public transport.

River Wey and town photo Copyright All About Weybridge

Why stay in Weybridge?

Weybridge is both attractive and homey. It is one of the affluent towns in the UK located just 20 miles from London. It offers a quiet life and quick links to London and other parts of the UK. Built in the early 16th century, the town has served as home to many wealthy people and celebrities.

Currently, the town is home to many young entrepreneurs and professionals. It has everything that you need for a smooth life including shopping spots, restaurants, schools, and an extensive transportation network. If you’ve been asking if is Weybridge a nice place to live and would love to move there, here are tips to help transition smoothly.

From the day you move to Weybridge, one of the installations that you need is WIFI. The area has many WIFI providers but you need to use the best with strong connectivity. One of the tools you can use is a Mac OS WiFi analyzer to help you scan different WIFI networks around you. When scanning, identify the networks offering high-speed internet connection and the widest WiFi signal’s area coverage. A Wi-Fi signal strength app can help you do this. Additionally, find the best WiFi router location in your house to help receive the strongest signal. You might experience a few issues once connected but troubleshooting connection issues is easy.

How is Weybridge accommodation?

It is easy to get a house for rent or purchase in the town. If you need to stay in a hotel before you get a house, the town is home to over 200 hotels. You can get hotels from £17 to more than £80 per night. There are many agent websites where you can search for a home to rent or buy. Use keywords such as properties to rent to get thousands of properties on offer. The sites will offer you tenancy information, property size, and cost or rent amount. The options offered include:
● Semi-detached houses
● Flats
● Apartments
● Detached
● Terraced
● New homes
● Properties under auction

Removal services

There are hundreds of removal services in Weybridge. They offer a wide range of services including international, domestic, and business removals. They make your moving experience memorable because they take care of all the hassles. Most companies allow you to negotiate a package that favours you.

Commuting in Weybridge

Commuting within the town and beyond is easy. A train departs from the Weybridge train station every half an hour. It takes only 50 minutes to get to London. If you prefer commuting by bus, the town has a well-spread road network. You may opt to use other commuting options to move around the town and beyond.
● Taxis
● Shuttles
● Executive cars
● Personal cars

Places to shop in Weybridge

Weybridge offers many shopping options to the dwellers and visitors. You may shop in malls, farm shops, supermarkets, shopping centres, and Weybridge high street shops. You can visit popular shopping spots such as Packhouse, The Belfry, and Extra MSA Cobham.

Queens Head Pub Weybridge Surrey
Where to eat in Weybridge
There are many places to eat in Weybridge offering the widest variety of cuisines. You may choose to eat in a restaurant, hotel, or café. You can also visit pubs, bars, or steak houses. Popular places include Valentina Italian restaurant, La Dolce Vita, Elmbridge Arms, Osso Buco, and the Queen’s Head.

Things to do in Weybridge

Weybridge offers top attractions that you can visit during weekends, holidays, or any other time. Driving or taking a taxi ride around the area is great. The picturesque River Wey runs through the area and empties into the Thames. It offers beautiful scenery that you will love. Some of the popular attractions include:

● Mercedes-Benz World
● Brooklands Museum
● London Bus Museum

or a short trip into London for

● Hyde Park
● Buckingham Palace

Education in Weybridge

Weybridge is home to some of the best schools in the UK. It hosts popular universities such as Brooklands College, University of Cambridge, Imperial College, and London School. Surrey County has more than 400 primary schools and over 160 secondary schools.

Additional tips

Weybridge is one of the best places to live but you need to prepare yourself before moving. Search property websites to make sure you get a place to live or short-term accommodation in a hotel. The town has a wide road network which makes it easy to commute in and out. You can get luxury restaurants and great shopping places that offer friendly prices and discounts.